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Please return this form to AAFI-AFICS, Room E-2078, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10

Please note
If you are retiring from one of the following organizations, it will be in your interest also to join their Association of former staff, of which the office address and telephone number are given opposite:

GATT-WTO Room 3065, tel. +41 (22) 739-5073

ILO Room 6-8, tel. +41 (22) 799-6423

ITC President's home, tel. +41 (21) 824-3034

ITU Room V23, tel. +41 (22) 730-5584

WHO Room 4141, tel. +41 (22) 791-3103

WMO Room IJ95, tel. +41 (22) 730-8056