Assistance to Members

AAFI-AFICS is an association which groups together former officials of all of the international organizations of the UN family. 

Its Committee and offices are based in Geneva.  Its 3500 members live in 95 different countries.

•  It supports the objectives and the work of the organizations of the United Nations family;

•  It encourages solidarity between former international civil servants;

•  It represents former international civil servants within international bodies or in front of the qualified national bodies;

•  It helps them to resolve personal problems which they or their survivors may encounter;

•  It informs and advises its members, with emphasis on issues relating to pensions and health;

•  It helps them to defend their rights in its fields of competence;

How to contact AAFI-AFICS:

Write to:


Room A-265

Palais des Nations

CH-1211 Geneva 10 Switzerland


+41 (22) 917-3330


+41 (22) 917-0075


Home site:  (English language version)    (French language version)


                    Bank : UBS SA - Post Office Box 2600 - CH 1211 Geneva 2

                                            Account n° 240 128.594 LUT

                                            International:    IBAN:        CH66 0024 0240 1285 94LU T

                                                                    Swift/BIC: UBSWCHZH80A


                    Postal checking account (CCP) Geneva n° 12-7881-5